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Product Care

Earth Natural Cork briefcase
Cleaning cork material

Cork fabric is naturally water-resistant. Use a soft wash cloth and warm water and just wipe it down. For stubborn stains add a few drops of moisture free dish detergent. Rinse gently then air dry the bag.

Is cork material durable?

Cork is a natural and organic. It is soft to the touch, light yet durable, fire resistant and waterproof. Cork material, as with leather, will get softer with wear.

Will my EARTH bag look exactly like the photo on the website?

Each cork fabric bag is unique. The designs will be exact however the pattern of cork will differ as no two are exactly the same. These subtle differences make each bag unique.

How about the inside of the EARTH bag?

Each bag is lined with fabric and has interior pockets. Depending on the model/type there are interior compartments. EARTH bags are very well constructed on the outside as well as the inside.